School Regulations


School hours will be communicated to Parents from time to time. All student must be in school ten minutes before the beginning of the first lesson. Students arriving at school late without good reason may be sent back home.

A student brought to School by parents or their representatives must be collected from the school entrance not later than thirty minutes. For
the sake of security, parents may be required to identify individuals who will be bringing students to and from School.

Students are expected to remain on school premises during school hours, except during outside trips organized by the School.


Except in case of sickness or other unavoidable reason, students are expected to attend school at all times. Where a child is unable to attend school, the parent or guardian is required to phone the School or to send a written note explaining¬† the reasons for the child’s absence. Absence from school for excessively long periods of time can affect a student’s grades and overall performance report.
Students are enrolled for the whole academic year. In case a student has to withdraw from the School before the end of the academic year, parents/guardians should notify the School in writing.

For withdrawal, a minimum of one term’s notice is required. lf notice of Withdrawal is received after a term has commenced, then fees for the remainder of The term are payable whether or not a student continues to attend lessons. Notice of Withdrawal is effective from the date it received by the School.