Brief History

Academic International School, established in 1994, is a private, English-medium school offering quality education from nursery school up to A-level classes. Formally there are three schools each with its own registration, that is, Academic International Nursery School, Academic International Primary School and Academic International Secondary School. However, in many areas they share administrative arrangements.


The school year is from mid-August/September to June, with long vacation in July to August and short vacations around Christmas and Easter holidays.


Regular relations are maintained through meetings of the School Committee, newsletters, school magazines, parent-teacher meetings held in each term and annual general parents meetings.


Landmark Dates

August 1994

Primary School & KG classes started


Primary School & KG approved 

October 1995

Primary School & KG registered

December 1996

Secondary School approved

June 1998

Graduation 1st Grade VII Class

March 2000

Secondary School registered

June 2002

Graduation 1st Grade Form IV

September 2003

A level program commenced

November 2009

Pre-Kindergarten started